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Editor. (2021). Editorial. Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research, 4(1), 35. Retrieved from http://ijyr.dsvv.ac.in/index.php/ijyr/article/view/72


The Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research has completed 3 years of its journey with a satisfying attempt to serve the society with scholarly work on Yagya. Yagya is not only an ancient technique but it is the basis of Indian culture. Having an impact on all the dimensions of society and individual life, Yagya is indeed the basis of Indian culture. The issue again reflects the same fact with important five scholarly works.

The first article from author Bharat Chouragade reflected the therapeutic potential of the herbal fume inhalation in Ayurvedic texts known as dhoopan. Different texts of Ayurveda elaborately mention use of herbal fume inhalation for health purposes. Herbal fume inhalation is one of the important ways Yagya Therapy works.  The same concept of herbal fume inhalation of Dhoopan was taken ahead with comparisons to that of in Hawan along with other procedure similarities such as chanting of mantra and use of Agni studied by author Rahulkumar Ramkrushna Kamde.

Besides health purposes, the cultural, ritualistic and spiritual significance of Yagya especially chanting of word ‘Svāhā’ was detailed out through elaborated research in Vedic texts by the author Jitendra Kumar Mishra. Similarly spiritual and detailed mathematical aspects of Mekhala (component of Yagya kund) in the construction of Yagya kund was very well researched by Ekta Chandel with beautiful graphical representations.

As mentioned before, Yagya has a significant role in all levels of Indian society and hence it is important to evaluate the understanding of the new generation to find the current status of this great heritage. Study by Pankaj Chandel et al. had conducted a survey to understand the perspective of Indian youth on Yagya.

We hope that the present issue would benefit the scientific and academic community as well as seekers interested in learning about Yagya. We thank all the reviewers and editing team for their efforts to bring the current issue to the scholarly community, and we wish that the present issue will provide the taste of wisdom and science of Yagya to the readers.


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