Following is a list of the broad area covered within the scope of the Journal.

Spiritual aspects of Yagya

  • Gayatri and Yagya
  • Divine energies and Yagya
  • Sun power (Surya Shakti) and Yagya
  • Worldly and Spiritual achievement/benefits and Yagya
  • Religion–Spiritual practices (Dharma Anushthan, Shodash Sanskar, etc) and Yagya
  • Spiritual & Subtle environment (Susanskarita) and Yagya
  • Participants and performers of Yagya (quality, character, personality, etc)
  • Spiritual therapy and Yagya

Astrological aspects of Yagya

  • Relation, importance, and applications of astrology with Yagya; Navgraha and Yagya; Nakshatra and Yagya

Philological aspects of Yagya

  • Philological dimensions of Yagya such as deciphering terminologies, procedures, protocols, names and also studying historical changes, cognitive development and linguistics differences with reference to Yagya description from Indian scripture

Historical dimensions of Yagya

  • Historical, Cultural, traditional, and rituals perspective of Yagya and its importance

Scriptural aspects of Yagya

  • All aspect of Yagya described in Vedic and Indian Scripture i.e. Veda, Upanishads, Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana, etc

Philosophical aspects of Yagya

  • Philosophy, teachings, inspirations of Yagya
  • Human society and Yagya
    Universe, ecology and Yagya

Concepts, benefits and application of Yagya

  • Types of Yagya
  • Procedure (Karmakand) of Yagya (sequence, length, mantras, slokas, etc)
  • Tools & equipment used in Yagya and their purposes
  • Kund, Mandap and Yagyashala (types, sizes, construction, procedure, etc)

Scientific Aspects of Yagya

  • Yagya and environment (air, water, and radiation pollution)
  • Rain, Parjanya and Yagya
  • Natural disasters, ecology balance and Yagya
  • Mantra and Yagya
  • Emotions of performer and participants, and Yagya
  • Yagya Fire
  • Timings of Yagya
  • Importance, rational, benefit of different materials used in Yagya – CharuBhasma, etc
  • Yagya as complete therapeutic system

Clinical & Ayurvedic aspects of Yagya

  • Evidences, mechanisms of Yagya Therapy on Human diseases and ailments
  • Effect and mechanisms of Yagya on health
  • Psychological diseases and Yagya
  • Clinical research/evidence of Yagya Therapy
  • Preclinical (in-vitroin-vivo) & phytochemical, chemical research/evidence of Yagya Therapy
  • Ayurvedic concepts and Yagya Therapy
  • Herbs and herbal woods (Samidha) used in the Yagya – applications on various diseases, preparation, formula, etc.
  • Herbs for special diseases for Yagya Therapy
  • Different materials sacrificed in Yagya and health
  • Herbal fumes and Health
  • Yagya fumes, Yagya-environment and health

Agricultural aspects of Yagya

  • Yagya effect, mechanisms, applications on plants, plants diseases, agriculture field, forests, etc

Social welfare aspects of Yagya

  • Maha (large) Yagyas – AshwamedhaRajsuyaVajpeya Yagya, etc
  • Deep Yagya
  • Balivaishya Yagya
  • Yug Nirman Yojana – Yagya movement
  • Collective human consciousness purification and Yagya
  • Purification of vatavaran and Yagya

And many more topics related to Yagya…