Vedic India's one of the greatest gift to the world is ‘Yagya’. Since Vedic time, Yagya has been central theme in Indian Culture. It is not only incorporated as a way of life, but it also has wider applications on various areas including human health, social welfare, agricultural benefit, environment purification, and also spiritual implications. In addition, Individual and collective research efforts are being made to disseminate this ancient Vedic knowledge with in light of modern scientific tools and methods. Considering its interdisciplinary nature, Yagya Research needed a common platform to integrate these research efforts. IJYR aims to provide a wider platform for disseminating and sharing results of scholarly studies in the relevant areas of Yagya Research in pursuit of furtherance of science.

The basic aim of IJYR is to provide a platform for the researchers, innovators, scholars, experts, educators and students to share their views, new trends, ideas and innovations through it. It is a peer-reviewed journal aiming to communicate high quality of original research work, reviews, perspectives, and case studies that contribute significantly to further the scientific knowledge in Yagya. As a policy, the preference will be given to the articles containing issues which are relevant to the scope of journal, timely, bring forth newer ideas and are of general interest.

Researchers and scholars from all over the world are welcome to submit their original manuscripts in various areas of researches relating to the interdisciplinary Yagya research to be published in Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research (IJYR). IJYR is a research journal published by Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, India. IJYR is a quality-conscious journal published biannually in online form. The online publication of the journal is initiated with a view to disseminate research information at a faster pace and across new frontiers. The editorial board comprise of the reputed experts from India and abroad. The journal maintains a rigorous editorial process of peer review to ensure quality and originality. IJYR provides an international forum for research relating to Yagya.