Effect of Herbal Fumes on Water pH in Traditionally Used Metal and Clay Containers
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Water pH
Alkaline Water
Herbal Fumes
Herbal Mixtures
Gayatri Yagya

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Chandel, E., & Saini, A. S. (2020). Effect of Herbal Fumes on Water pH in Traditionally Used Metal and Clay Containers. Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research, 3(1), 01-08. https://doi.org/10.36018/ijyr.v3i1.49


Effect of traditional metal pots made up of copper and brass along with clay pot are used for water storage in India in routine use as well as in rituals and Yagya. During Yagya herbal fumes are exposed to water stored in copper and clay pot. To understand the utility of the copper and clay container during Yagya, in the present study, the pH of water in copper, brass, clay and glass containers were recorded in the presence and absence of herbal fumes exposure. The study used only mango wood fumes in one set of experiments and in other set of experiment herbal mixture plus mango wood fumes in Gayatri Yagya was used. The herbal fumes plus mango wood fumes and mango wood fumes both significantly made water pH alkaline in nature. Specifically, herbal fumes during Gayatri Yagya caused significant increase in water pH in copper (mean difference 0.42; n=3; p=        0.0032) and clay pot (mean difference 0.46; n=3; p=0.0013) compared to control.  Interestingly, poring of water in brass pot (7.44 + 0.06; n=6; p<0.0001), clay pot (7.24+0.02; n=6; p=0.0013) and copper pot (7.26+0.06<0.0001) significantly increased water pH instantly it was added compared to control glass pot (7.13+0.04; n=6). Alkaline water utility has been well documented for human health and this study supports the scientific reasons behind traditional knowledge of Indian culture about storing drinking water in brass and copper vessels in daily routine as well during rituals.

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