The Size and Shape of Yagya Kund: Mathematical and Spiritual aspects
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Yagya Kund
Vedic Mathematics

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Motlani, J. (2020). The Size and Shape of Yagya Kund: Mathematical and Spiritual aspects. Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research, 3(1), 08-14.


The size and shape of the Yagya Kund is one of the important aspects for successful completion of Yagya. Vedic literature describes in details about their types, size, shapes and constructions. Yagya Kund size and shape helps in construction of the Kund for specific spiritual or materialistic outcomes which require specific mathematical measurements of Yagya Kund. The shape of the Yagya Kund is decided based on the purpose of the Yagya, while the size is decided based on the total offerings given to the fire. The spiritual and mathematical aspects on size and shape of the Kund are presented in the study. During the study analysis, it was observed that Vedic texts used mathematical knowledge from various streams such as astrology, trigonometry, geometry, etc in the construction of Yagya Kund. The size of Yagya Kund is directly propositional to the number of offerings to be done. In addition, during the construction of any Yagya Kund, first of all a circle is made whose parameter is fixed to the number of offerings to be done, then a particular Yagya Kund is to be constructed. Regardless of the shape, the construction of Kund based on the diameter given in the ancient texts resulted in the same surface area and volume for particular number of offerings, opening a gate for further study of fine mathematics involved in the Yagya Kund construction.
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