Yagya Kunds of one-hast (24 angul) with different shapes have equal volume
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Yagya Kund
Shapes of Yagya Kund
Kund Construction

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Chandel, E., & Vijay, V. (2021). Yagya Kunds of one-hast (24 angul) with different shapes have equal volume. Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research, 3(2), 01-08. https://doi.org/10.36018/ijyr.v3i2.60


Yagya kund construction is the outcome of great research of ancient India. Indian scripture has given very sophisticated Vedic mathematical formulations for construction of Yagya kund. There are different types of shapes described for Yagya kund; Circular & Lotus, Semi-circular, Vulvar, Trigonal, Square, Pentagonal, Hexagonal, Heptagonal, Octagonal. Irrespective of shapes,all these Yagya kunds have same surface area. Based on the fact given in the literature, 1000 offerings (ahutis) require construction of BhuHastatmakaKund (1 hand or 24 angul long). In addition, height of the all one-hand long kunds are same. Hence, the present research tests the hypothesis that the volume should be same for all different shaped kunds. In the present study, the volume of 1 hast Yagya kund (24 angul) for all these shapes is calculated using the dimensions given in the scripture using available simple available mathematical formulas. Volume of all these kunds is compared with circular shape kund. The difference in the volume of different shapes is foundbelow 0.3% in all the kunds except for vulvar, pentagonal and octagonal shapes which is observed to be 7.48%, 1.76% and 2.83% respectively. The difference isdueto inappropriate mathematical formula for these complex structures having different angles in the slants and multiple sides of the bases.

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