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Editor. (2021). Editorial. Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research, 3(2), 45. Retrieved from http://ijyr.dsvv.ac.in/index.php/ijyr/article/view/63


It gives us immense pleasure to publish the Volume 3 Issue 2 of Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research.  It has been 3 years for Dev Sanskriti University’s unique initiative providing the platform for Yagya Research to the scholarly community.

Yagya is the soul of Indian Culture.  Yagya is the philosophy giving the message of living selfless life. Besides, its unparallel message for human society, Yagya is touching all types of the dimensions. From philosophy to Spirituality, from health to the mathematics, truly research on wisdom and science of Yagya is covering interdisciplinary research fields.

Mental Health has been a key aspect in the COVID19 duration. Current issue, along with different fields of researches, presents importance of Yagya in the Mental Health and Quality of life through providing 3 papers for the subject.   

The first article presents us the depth of mathematics involved in the Yagya Kund construction.  Authors Ekta Chandel and Vivek Vijay have calculated the volumes of different shapes of the Yagya kunds and brought to us the glimpse of the precise Vedic Mathematics involved in the Yagya Kund construction in Indian Culture decades before. 

The Second paper, described a novel herbal combination named Saraswati Panchak for mental health. The potential of herbs for mental health and its herbal tablet formulations can be understood from this manuscript along with its coarse power application through Yagya.

The next paper gives us the application of Yagya in the thyroid condition by providing its study done on 18 patients. This paper provides the potential of Yagya as a Therapy in the thyroid condition by impacting both thyroid hormone levels as well as quality of life of patients. 

The fourth manuscript is a review on the Aromatherapy in mental health and indicated similar parts in the Yagya Therapy. In the last paper of this issue, author Neeti Tandon, takes us to traditional implication of Mantras and Yagya specifically using Chandra Gayatri Mantra for mind and peace through the Indian Scripture view.

We thank all the reviewers and editing team for their efforts to bring the current issue to the scholarly community, and we wish that the present issue will provide the taste of wisdom and science of Yagya to the readers.

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