Advancement of Research on Yagya - National Symposium Consensus
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Yagya Research
Physical-Chemical Studies
Phytochemical Analysis
Clinical Study
Biochemical Analysis
Microbial Studies
Data Analysis
Mathematical Modeling, and Simulations

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Joshi, R., Shriwastav, A., Manek, V., Tiwari, P., Dixit, A., Mishra, S. kumar, Chung, D., Jha, A., Gupta, R., Ranjan, R., Vijay, V., Singh, R., Chandel, E., Patel, V., & Pandya, C. (2022). Advancement of Research on Yagya - National Symposium Consensus. Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research, 4(2), 28-39.


The Philosophy and Science of Yagya (Yajóa) lies at the core of the great values, vast expanse, and universal importance of the Indian Culture and the Vedic Science of holistic wellbeing. Yagya was an integral part of the spiritual teachings and research experiments in the Gurukuls in ancient India. It was also prominent in the cultural activities and ethno practices (for the maintenance of good health, and purity and protection of the environment) in the Indian Society till the Medieval Age. Despite substantial cultural devolution and loss of original texts of wisdom in the medieval times of destructive foreign invasions, substantial information on Yagya may still be found in the Indian scriptures available today. Though in distorted form, it is also practiced as an important sacrament (as “fire-ritual”/havan) in many sections of the Indian society till date. However, the wisdom and science of Yagya is completely missing from the streams of science and education. In concordance with the noble objectives of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidalaya (DSVV), the “Yagyavalkya Center for Yagya Research” of this university has initiated thorough interdisciplinary research and scientific experiments on Yagya for past three years. Towards advancement and expansion of this research, the centre had organized a one-day national symposium for a brain storming session and interaction among distinguished experts and researchers in different fields of medical, biological, chemical, and mathematical sciences, and engineering/technology. The symposium was held in the DSVV campus at Haridwar on December4, 2021. The present consensus paper outlines the background, purpose, and outcome of the symposium with a focus on the promising scope of advanced research on Yagya for holistic Health and a pure Environment.
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