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Editor. (2022). Editorial. Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research, 4(2), 40. https://doi.org/10.36018/ijyr.v4i2.81


Every time through our Journal we try to present a collection of research papers and studies that bring to the light a new ambit of Yagya research. With a similar aim, another attempt has been made to bring an assortment of some interesting works in this 4th Volume 2nd Issue of the Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary Journal of Yagya Research (IJYR). This issue caters to a wide spectrum of Yagya research which includes application of Yagya in tourism, scientific evaluation of the ancient practice of Balivaishva Yagya, importance and use of herbal fumes. All of these try to integrate science and spirituality at their level.

The first research article of this issue deals with the study of Balivaishva Yagya its significance and importance in daily life. The author Harsika Jaiswal, investigated the meaning, philosophy, procedure, and utility of Balivaishva Yagya in the present time. She concluded that the five inspirations and messages are hidden in Balivaishva Yagya which can create a spiritual environment in the family as well as solve all the problems of the individual and the world – opening door to all-rounded progress by uprising divine culture in society.


The second research paper explores the applications of Yagya in tourism. The author Prachi Agarwal, Arunesh Parashar investigated the Development of Holistic Religious Tourism through the Ancient Indian Technique of Yagya. In their study, they concluded that the Ashwamedha Yagya can act as an important component of religious tourism and gives a newer dimension to religious tourism by providing holistic development of the participants at religious sites through Ashwamedha for national unity, peace, and harmony.

The third research article explores the importance and uses of herbal fumes. The author Lalima Batham has investigated the Indian scriptures and Veda in the context of Yagya and reported that herbal fumes produced in the process of Yagya hold high medicinal properties and can be included in Ayurvedic therapy. The next research article states about the cosmic Yagya which implies that human life is sacrificial life (Yagyamay Jeevan - यज्ञमय जीवन). The author Akanksha Prajapati concluded that Yagya is not just a physical process but a lifestyle to live.

Lastly, under the guidance of Honorable Dr. Chinmay Pandya, Pro Vice Chancellor, DSVV has organized a symposium on “Advancement of Research on Yagya” in which renowned scientists from various research institutes like IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)-Nagpur, National Physical Laboratory-CSIR, and many others. They presented their study and view on the same. The discussion has been manuscript and presented in the last paper as Consensus of the symposium. 

We hope this issue will inspire and generate interest among researchers, educators, tour planners, and professionals to understand the significance of the indigenous knowledge of Yagya in the present era. We would also like to thank all our readers and request them to send us their valuable feedback to make this journal a more effective vehicle of indigenous knowledge in the future.

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